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About Us

Founded in 2014, HGHRx has become a leading healthcare provider in the USA. The doctors at HGHRx not only specialize in anti-aging medicine but also in wellness care. We strive to make our center a favorite place for any patient. This is why our center offers both on-site and online consultations via telecommunication technologies also known as Telemedicine.

HGHRx differs from other healthcare providers with its proven approach and years of medical expertise.

  • Our core focus is on delivering patient-centric services.
  • Our specialists are exceptionally attentive to all the details related to your health and wellness.
  • We create highly personalized treatments based on the needs and goals of each patient.

Our Services

HGHRX is a hormone replacement (HGH) therapy clinic specializing in hormone balancing for men and women. We provide safe and effective forms of HGH therapy that are medically proven to restore optimal hormonal well-being. Your doctor will provide an HGH prescription in Dallas upon completion of the diagnostic process that verifies low HGH levels.

HGH Deficiency Testing

A growth hormone (GH) test is used to determine the amount of GH in your blood. GH is produced by the pituitary gland.

HGH Prescription

Get HGH prescription online and get HGH legally with the assistance of our professional physicians and consultants.

HGH Therapy

 Doctor-prescribed HGH therapy can reverse the symptoms of GH decline and restore vitality and happiness to your life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about human growth hormone therapy. We prepare qualified answers for all your questions.

What is HGH THerapy?
HGH therapy is a medically prescribed treatment that increases the amount of human growth hormone in the bloodstream. A hormone specialist will carefully calculate the amount of HGH your body needs for ideal hormonal balance. HGH therapy consists of a once-a-day injection, typically at night.
Do i have hgh deficiency?
The only way to know if you have HGH deficiency is by checking your blood hormone levels. Some of the most common symptoms are fatigue, weight gain, aging skin, muscle loss, joint pains, memory and cognitive decline, and frequent illnesses. Low sex drive, thinning hair, and height shrinkage are other possible identifiers
How do i start hgh therapy?
To begin HGH therapy, you must first contact a hormone specialist to receive your consultation, physical examination, and blood test. You will also complete a comprehensive medical questionnaire so that the hormone doctor knows your past and current health issues, medications, and supplements.
What are the side effects of HGH therapy?
There are very few side effects from growth hormone releasing hormones / peptides and IGF-1. Growth hormone side effects include: hyperglycemia, redness at the injection site, headache, flushing, joint pian, hyperactivity and in even rare cases a rash.
Is HGH Therapy legal?
HGH therapy is only legal in the US if a doctor prescribes it. Purchasing HGH online or from anywhere else without a valid prescription is against the law – and dangerous to your health.
How do i get an hgh prescription?
There are a few easy steps you must complete before you can get an HGH prescription. The first is a consultation – by phone – with one of our medical advisors. Next, you will undergo an examination and blood test at facilities in your area. We place our health history questionnaire right here on this website for easy completion

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